Industry, electromedical and automative electronic instrumentation and equipment

Our produtcs

Our products: circuit boards and equipment for the medical, automotive, military logistics, chemical, food industry, and industrial sectors

  • Digital Indicators

    Digital Indicators

    6 products
  • Humidity transmitters

    Humidity transmitters

    2 products
  • Load cells accessories

    Load cells accessories

    8 products
  • Load cells Tempo Technologies

    Load cells Tempo Technologies

    3 products
  • Load cells transmitters

    Load cells transmitters

    6 products
  • Multifunctional Display

    Multifunctional Display

    1 products
  • Pressure transmitters

    Pressure transmitters

    5 products
  • Serial connection accessories

    Serial connection accessories

    3 products
  • Special Products

    Special Products

    2 products
  • Temperature programmers

    Temperature programmers

    1 products
  • Thermoregulators


    3 products
  • Weighing Platforms

    Weighing Platforms

    6 products
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